Interface MobileListBehavior

  • public interface MobileListBehavior
    Mobile functionality provided for SAPUI5 lists. See ListBox.getMobile().
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and TypeMethod and Description
      voiddelete(int itemIndex)
      Deletes the specified item (by index) from the list.
      voiddelete(ListItem item)
      Deletes the specified item from the list.
      voiddelete(java.lang.String item)
      Deletes the specified item (by name) from the list.
      MobileListItemgetItem(java.lang.String text)
      Returns an item with the specified text.
      Returns all items in the list
      Returns a collection of all selected items in the list.
      Clicks the More button to expand the list and show additional list items.
      voidsingleSelect(int itemIndex)
      Selects the specified radio button (by index) adjacent to the list item.
      voidsingleSelect(ListItem item)
      Selects the specified ListItem item in the list item.
      voidsingleSelect(java.lang.String item)
      Selects the specified radio button (by name) adjacent to the list item.