IReporter Interface
Accesses the UFT Developer HTML Report.

C# Syntax

public interface IReporter 
Public Properties
PropertyReportConfigurationReturns the ReportConfiguration interface, which enables you to customize the UFT Developer report behavior.  
PropertyReportDescriptionthe UFT Developer report description. The description appears directly below the title in the UFT Developer report. By default, the description is empty.  
PropertyReportLevelThe report level used to generate the UFT Developer report. Possible values: ReportLevel.  
PropertyReportTitlethe UFT Developer report title. Default = Run Results.  
PropertySnapshotCaptureLevelThe snapshot capture level used to generate the UFT Developer report.  
PropertyStatusThe runtime status of the UFT Developer report.  
Public Methods
MethodAddRunInformationAdds a custom entry to the top section of the UFT Developer report.  
MethodEndReportingContextEnds the section in the UFT Developer report.  
MethodEndTestEnds the current test level and optionally sets the status for the test.  
MethodGenerateReportGenerates the UFT Developer report.  
Public Method

static (Shared in Visual Basic)


Returns the status of the current execution context. The execution context is equivalent to any superior structure that contains operations (e.g.: test method, reporting context).

C# Syntax

publicstaticStatus GetCurrentExecutionContextStatus( )

MethodInitInitializes the specified ReportConfiguration.  
MethodReportEventOverloaded. Adds a custom step to the UFT Developer report including the image from the specified path.  
MethodReportVerificationAdds a custom verification step to the UFT Developer report.  
MethodStartReportingContextStarts a named section in the UFT Developer report.  

Overloaded. Starts screen recording.

MethodStartTestStarts a new test node in the UFT Developer report test flow tree.  

Stops screen recording. A link to the recording is added to the report.

To start the recording use startScreenRecording.

C# Syntax

void StopScreenRecording()