InsightDescription Class
The description of an Insight test object.

C# Syntax

public class InsightDescription : HP.LFT.SDK.Description, HP.LFT.SDK.IDescription  
Inheritance Hierarchy


Public Constructors
Public ConstructorInsightDescription ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyImageThe System.Drawing.Image used as the source image for this Insight test object.  
Public PropertyIndexThe 0-based index of this object, relative to all other objects with an otherwise identical description. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Description )
Public PropertySimilarityA percentage value that specifies how similar an object in the AUT must be to this Insight object's source System.Drawing.Image in order to be considered a match. Possible values: 0 - 100.  
Public PropertyVriDistinguishes this object from other objects with otherwise identical descriptions, based on this object's visual relationship to another object in the application. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Description )
Public Methods
Public MethodCloneCreates an exact copy of the test object. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.PropertiesDescription )