DeviceSource Enumeration
The source location of the device.

C# Syntax

public enum DeviceSource : System.Enum 
UFT Developer 24.2 and later

UFT Developer 23.4

UFT Developer 2023 and earlier 



AmazonDeviceFarmThe device is provided by an AWS device farm.
AnyAnyAnyThe device is stored or provided by any of the supported sources.


(MobileCenter supported for backward compatibility)

OnPremisesMobileCenterThe device is stored on Digital Lab (UFT Mobile).
HostedNot supportedNot supportedThe device is hosted by OpenText.
WeTestNot supportedNot supportedThe device is provided by a Tencent WeTest device farm.
GenycloudNot supportedNot supportedThe device is provided by Genymotion.

UFT Developer 23.4: To support the previously used values, contact support for a hotfix.

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