IUiObjectBase Interface
Common functionality for all UI objects in a mobile application.

C# Syntax

public interface IUiObjectBase 
Public Properties
PropertyAccessibilityIdThe accessibility ID of the mobile object.  
PropertyClassNameThe test object class name used by Digital Lab (UFT Mobile).  
PropertyContainerInformation about the table container, if the object is in a table. (iOS Only)  

Instruction or example indicating the type of content to enter for the value of a control, for example, a grayed out hint inside a text box.

C# Syntax

string Hint {get;}

Indicates whether the mobile object can be checked.

C# Syntax

bool IsCheckable {get;}

Indicates whether the mobile object is checked. (Relevant for objects that can have a check mark.)

C# Syntax

bool IsChecked {get;}

Indicates whether the object can be tapped.  

PropertyIsEnabledIndicates whether the mobile object is enabled.  
PropertyIsFocusableIndicates whether the object can receive focus.  
PropertyIsFocusedIndicates whether the mobile object is in focus.  
PropertyLocationThe location of the mobile object.  

The native class of the mobile object.

C# Syntax

string NativeClass {get;}
PropertyResourceIdThe resource ID of the object. (Android Only)  
PropertySizeThe size of the mobile object.  

The object's text.

C# Syntax

string Text {get;}
Public Methods
MethodLongPressOverloaded. Taps and holds the object for a short time.  
MethodPanOverloaded. Performs a Pan gesture on the object.  
MethodPinchOverloaded. Performs a Pinch gesture on the object.  
MethodSwipeOverloaded. Swipes the object in the specified direction.  
MethodTapOverloaded. Taps the center of the object.