Launch(String,String,String,String,String) Method
Launches the SAP Gui session and perform the log-in according to the specified user credentials on the specified server description.
Generate the password encoded value using the Password Encoder utility (CryptonApp.exe), available from the UFT Developer menu in your IDE, or from the UFT Developer installation\bin folder.

Note: While the encrypted value hide passwords displayed on the screen while running or editing a UFT Developer test, it is not intended to be a secure way to protect password information.

C# Syntax


The server to which you want to log on. The string is case-sensitive and must be identical to the one displayed in the SAP Logon dialog box.
The SAP client you want to use.
The username with which you want to log on to the SAP Server.
The encrypted value of the password for the specified username.
The 2-letter code for the language you want to use.

Return Value

The launched session