ITableCell Interface
A single table cell in SAP GUI for Windows application.

C# Syntax

public interface ITableCell : ITableCellBase  
Public Properties
PropertyIsEditableIndicates whether the cell is editable. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.SAP.GUI.ITableCellBase)
PropertyLengthThe number of characters that can be entered in the cell. -1 if the cell does not have a valid length.  
PropertyValueThe content of this cell. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.SAP.GUI.ITableCellBase)
Public Methods
MethodClickEmulates a click on the cell.  
MethodOpenPossibleEntriesOpens the list of possible entries.  
MethodSetValueSets the cell contents to the specified value. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.SAP.GUI.ITableCellBase)