IListViewItem Interface
A single list item in a standard Windows list-view object.

C# Syntax

public interface IListViewItem : HP.LFT.SDK.ISupportDragAndDrop  
Public Properties
PropertyIsFocusedIndicates whether the list item is in focus in a multiple selection list box.  
PropertyIsSelectedIndicates whether the list item is selected.  
PropertyStateThe list item's state image index.  
PropertyTextThe text value of the list item, or "" when empty.  
Public Methods
MethodClickStateClicks the state image icon.  
MethodDoubleClickStateDouble-clicks state image icon.  
MethodDragAndDropOnDrags and drops a test object to the specified target object. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.ISupportDragAndDrop)
MethodEnableLabelEditingActivates the edit mode for the lists item label to enable renaming.

IMPORTANT: This method only enables the item for renaming. To actually rename the item, set its value using IEditor or IEditField test object, together with an applicable method.  

MethodGetSubItemTextOverloaded. Returns the text value of the specified report-style (LVS_REPORT) list-view subitem.  
MethodSetItemStateSets the state of the check box icon of the specified item in the list.