SetDate Method (ICalendar)
Sets the date of a WPF calendar or of a date picker.

C# Syntax

void SetDate( 
   DateTime date


The date to set.
// This example locates and sets the date of the date picker control.
private void ChooseFlightDate()
    // Identify the date picker control. The date picker is identified through the main window and not directly from the Flight GUI applications.
    var flightDatePicker = Desktop.Describe<IWindow>(new WindowDescription
        ObjectName = @"OpenText MyFlight Sample",
        FullType = @"window",
        WindowTitleRegExp = @"OpenText MyFlight Sample"
    }).Describe<ICalendar>(new CalendarDescription
        ObjectName = @"datePicker"
    // Select the flight date.
    flightDatePicker.SetDate(new DateTime(year:2025, month:8, day:1));