IComponentOneGrid Interface
Base interface for ComponentOne C1FlexGrid control and ComponentOne C1TrueDBGrid object.

C# Syntax

public interface IComponentOneGrid : ICustomGrid  
Public Properties
PropertyRowsReturns the rows.  
PropertyTableTestObjectReturns the ITable test object this custom grid was accessed from. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.WinForms.ICustomGrid)
Public Methods
MethodActivateCellDouble-clicks the specified cell in this grid.  
MethodCollapseRowCollapses the specified row.  
MethodExpandRowExpands the specified row.  

Returns a cell in the grid.

C# Syntax

IC1TableCell GetCell( 
   int row,
   string columnHeader


0-based row number.
The column caption.
MethodMakeCellVisibleScrolls the specified cell into view.  
MethodOpenCellElementOverloaded. Selects the specified cell and opens a cell's pop-up cell element.  
MethodSelectCellSelects the specified cell in this grid.  
MethodSelectColumnOverloaded. Selects (clicks) the specified column header in a grid.  
MethodSetFilterOverloaded. Applies the specified filter string to the specified column.  
MethodSortOverloaded. Sorts this table by the specified column (ascending).  
MethodSortDescendingOverloaded. Sorts this table by the specified column (descending).