IToolBarItem Interface
A single tool bar item or menu item of a .NET Windows Forms tool bar.

C# Syntax

public interface IToolBarItem 
Public Properties
PropertyHasEllipsesIndicates whether this toolbar item's text is truncated and an ellipsis (...) is displayed.  
PropertyIndexThe 0-based index number of this toolbar item. The index does not include hidden and separator buttons.  
PropertyIsCheckedIndicates whether a toggle push button is currently selected (pushed).  
PropertyIsEnabledIndicates whether this toolbar item can accept user input.  
PropertyIsHiddenIndicates whether this item is not visible and therefore cannot accept user input.  
PropertyIsHighlightedIndicates whether this toolbar item is surrounded by a dotted line.  
PropertyIsHotIndicates whether this toolbar item appears highlighted, as when the mouse hovers over it.  
PropertyIsIndeterminateIndicates that this control is neither checked nor unchecked. An indeterminate control generally has a shaded appearance.  
PropertyIsMarkedIndicates whether this toolbar item is marked. The interpretation of a marked button is application dependent.  
PropertyIsPressedIndicates whether this toolbar item is currently being clicked.  
PropertyIsWrapIndicates whether this toolbar item is followed by a line break.  
PropertyNameThe name of this toolbar item.  
Public Methods
MethodPressPresses this toolbar item.