Known issues

This topic includes known issues and limitations when working with UFT Mobile 2021 R1.

For known issues for UFTM 2021, see UFT Mobile 2021.

Installation and upgrade

  • A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that starts with a number is not supported.


SSO: When switching to SSO mode to non-SSO mode and vice versa, the browser cache needs to be cleared to allow a proper workflow.

Exploratory testing (iOS):A screenshot of the Start Record command is not recorded and not saved to the report log.

iOS Agent signing API:  Plug and play will fail if a device UDID  exists in two different profiles, and one of these profiles has expired.
Workaround: Delete the expired profile.

Auto-dismiss system alerts: When the auto-dismiss system alerts when idle option is enabled on older iOS device models (devices released three years ago or more), there is a one minute delay before the alert is automatically dismissed. This is due to reduced performance on these devices as a result of running new iOS versions on old hardware.

Multi-workspace mode: Links to the URL of a specific device are not supported when using MSP mode.

Genymotion Cloud devices: Genymotion virtual devices that are powered on again after a UFTM server restart, constantly show a status of connecting and are not created in the Genymotion cloud.

DexGuard/ ProGuard: Security tools which are used to protect apps against different risks, for example those of Guardsquare, may interfere with the UFTM app packaging, as expected.

To avoid such issues you can use the non-packaged app. If the packaged app is required, ask developers to provide builds for testing without the protection, or look for a workaround for the issue you encountered in the Troubleshooting section of the online help.

Record and replay - general

  • If your replay includes the installation of an app, the installation may fail if a system app pops up before or during replay.
  • Recording of the Left and Right arrow keys within apps is not supported. The recorded Up and Down arrow keys are translated into a scroll during replay. In addition, when working with the MC Browser, none of the arrows are recorded.
  • Record and replay are only supported in the active browser tab. If you click back to a previous tab and perform actions, they will not be detected for record, replay, spy, or highlighting.
  • Certain hybrid apps may issue an error "This test was created using an earlier version of UFT and therefore requires a different Javascript engine". This can happen if the app is launched by another app. Workaround: Stop the recording, restart the app, but do not reinstall. Begin recording again.
  • When recording a packaged hybrid app that is not designated as the Startup app, make sure that the hybrid app is included as one of the extra apps. This same guideline applies to the MC Browser.

  • When recording a complex web page through a non-packaged hybrid app or native browser, the first step may be not be recorded.

    Workaround: Wait several seconds and repeat the first step.
  • Using packaged and non-packaged versions of the same app in the same test on a single device, is not supported.

    Workaround: Use different devices.
  • Record and replay is not supported for Cocos2d-x frameworks apps.
  • The Device.EnterKeys method is only supported when entering values from a physical keyboard, but not when values are entered on the soft keyboard from the device's remote access screen.
  • When uploading apps specifying an icon in their xml file (instead of png): if the apps were obfuscated by DexGuard or other similar tools, the icon may not appear correctly in UFT Mobile .
  • The Kill method is only supported for apps that exist on the UFT Mobile server.
  • For the remote display to have the same orientation as the device, the initial orientation of the device must be set to portrait when starting a recording session.
  • The Send Text device interaction is only supported in iOS when using the XCUITest control. For iOS devices under 11.1, you must switch the control mode to use XCUITest by adding the device UDID to the configuration file, xcuitest.json, in the conf folder.


           "devices": [  




  • When working with fingerprint simulation, the Fingerprint Authentication dialog box may not trigger on certain Samsung Galaxy Note devices, due to the unique location of the touch sensor.

    To check if there is a touch sensor on your device, run the Android SDK's custom application call isHardwareDetected(). If a touch sensor is present, and the Fingerprint Authentication dialog box is not triggered, this indicates that the device is not supported. Instead, you will be prompted for a password.

Record and Replay: Android specific

  • For Android 7 and above, if secure layout is not supported, a white screen with message will be shown. For details, see WindowManager.LayoutParams.html. To use such apps with UFT Mobile you need to remove the flag. For details on how to remove the flag, see the online help.
  • Photo and video simulation require that the application under test be able to access external storage. In certain devices, you need to manually enable this capability. To enable it, select the app in the Settings section, and under Permissions, select Enable storage.

  • Certain Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy and Note 4/5, may occasionally disconnect from the UFT Mobile server due to the SPCM service running on the devices.

  • Record & replay of the Android app chooser system widget is not supported. An example is the selection of an email app when prompted by the device, if a default email app was not set.

  • SMS simulations are not supported for Android 6 and above.

  • Working with the Multi-Window feature (also know as split-view) is not supported for Android.
  • Spying on the suggestion list of the SearchView widget is not supported.

  • The NumberPicker widget is supported only in native packaged apps.
  • Some Android devices (such as certain Google Pixel or OnePlus devices) may not react to input from the PC keyboard.

    Workaround: Restart the mobile device.
  • Android 10: Due to changes to the permissions model, when running apps that target Android 5.1 (API level 22) or lower on Android 10 for the first time, a permissions screen is displayed. This screen prevents UFT Mobile from successfully launching the app.
  • Input method editor (IME) actions:
    • UFT: To support IME actions on a text field in the device browser, the text field must still be in focus after entering several words or strings.

    • Appium: Running scripts containing IME actions on the device browser results in an error: "org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: unknown error: performEditorAction is not defined."

Record and Replay: iOS specific

  • Safari navigation is not supported on iPad OS 15 for hybrid non-packaged apps .

  • iOS 10.3 and above: For applications bigger than 50MB, there is a need to change the following configuration for a longer timeout -

    For Linux & Mac:

    For Windows:

  • Apps designed for iPhones are not supported by UFT Mobile when running in compatible mode on an iPad.
  • Long browser scripts may fail to replay on the MC Browser app.
  • The Pinch gesture is ignored in replay with XCTest. The test will continue with replay, but the recorded Pinch gesture will be ignored.
  • iOS 13: 

    • UFT: Some sites are not supported for record and replay of hybrid non-packaged applications with the Safari web browser.

Packaged apps

  • The MobileRadioGroup and MobileTabStrip objects support the selection of a radio button or tab only by index (not text).
  • MobileSlider tap or swipes are rendered as SetProgress actions with the actual slider’s value.

Non-packaged apps

  • Recording is only supported through the remote display.
  • Replay of hybrid apps is not supported for multiple web views in a single session.
  • Hybrid non-packaged apps are not supported for iOS 10.2.x and 10.0.x. Recording will only capture native mobile actions.
  • Android: Toast notifications are not supported.
  • is not supported for hybrid non-packaged apps.

Android non packaged apps:

  • Non-packaged apps built with Crosswalk projects framework are not supported.

  • SAP hybrid non-packaged apps are not supported.
  • Actions on date and time pickers are recorded as Tap actions and not as Set actions. Workaround: manually modify the Tap actions to Set.
  • For MobileList, Childobject only retrieves the child objects that are present on the screen.

  • The MobileCalendar and MobileList objects are not recorded.
  • When using the MobileRadioGroup object, you can select the object by index, but not by text.
  • Steps that use a MobileObject with a View class will fail.
  • is not supported. Therefore, any test object method that uses an index for an argument value, is not supported for Android.
  • Highlighting an object in the application on an Android device (which is based on an index of the specified object) may produce unexpected results. The MCindex will change from device to device or if the orientation changes, so in these cases highlighting might find another similar object (other properties of the object are the same, only the MCindex differs), or might not find the object. The look up mechanism uses the index only when the view provides no additional data (accessibility, resourceId, text, or hint).
  • MobileEdit.setText will be recorded as an Enterkeys action.
  • For testing tools: When a dialog box pops up in WebView, the JavaScript engine will pause until the dialog box is dismissed. As a result, when using non-packaged hybrid apps or the Chrome native browser, the fireEvent method will time out.
  • When replaying a slide action on a SeekBar (such as your device’s brightness control), there may be a slight discrepancy between the actual value and the value used during replay. This discrepancy only exists on certain Android devices.
  • Encrypted apps with a security framework are only supported in non-packaged mode.

iOS non-packaged apps:

  • Device metrics are not supported.

  • Scroll to label in replay is only supported when the label is visible on the screen.
  • Empty strings or NULL values are not supported for findElement. Make sure to specify a value such as a number, boolean, or string.
  • Record and replay may fail for pages using dynamic URLs.

    Workaround: Begin recording the page again to get the right MobileWebView.

  • Event simulation is not supported.
  • iOS versions 10 - 10.3.2:
    WebView is not identified on non packaged hybrid applications on a device running iOS 10.0-10.3.2 using the XCUITest framework.
    Workaround: Add the UDID to the xcuitest.json file with prefix UIA_ befor the UDID.
    xcuitest.json file location:  /opt/UFTMobile/server or connector/conf
    For example:
    { "devices": [
    "UIA_f172874b62cc5a7970df9fd9d2e9cadefe6955f7" ]

AWS server and Amazon Device Farm

  • Device logs are not available for ADF devices.
  • Amazon fire devices are not supported.
  • Test duration on AWS is limited to 150 minutes. To extend this time, contact Amazon.
  • You cannot set a reservation for an ADF device.
  • For UFT integration, you cannot run a test in which a single script uses multiple ADF devices. You can however, run iterations of a single test, using parameters to specify a different capability set for each iteration.
  • If you chose a device based on capabilities, but did not specify an exact operating system, the device will not appear in the UFT Mobile console until after the device initialization is complete.
  • The execution status of the test as displayed in Amazon does not match the actual functional execution status of the test. The execution status of the test should be monitored in UFT test report.
  • When viewing the UFT Mobile console located on an AWS machine, you may experience a delay in the refreshing of the data.

  • On some applications, native alerts are not recognized.

Native browsers

  • Only Chrome and Safari are supported as native browsers.

    • For Safari browsers and Chrome version 55 and above: Before recording or running tests, or spying/ highlighting objects, close all previously opened pages and tabs.
    • If you are using Chrome as a native browser, make sure that it is installed and set as the default browser. For devices that do not enable you to set a default browser, disable the system browser.
  • Recording is not supported for auto-completed URLs. For example, if you begin typing a URL and an auto-complete drop-down list opens, your selection will not be recorded. On iOS devices, nothing will be recorded. On Android devices, it will record the previous selection. Workaround: Manually type in the whole URL or navigate via the drop-down list to the next page you want to test.

  • iOS: Setting the URL is not recorded on Safari and the UFTM Browser app. Workaround: Update the script manually.
  • Recording of popup windows is not supported for native or UFTM browsers.
  • For certain iOS devices running iOS 11.1 or later (XCUITest), the device may disconnect from the UFT Mobile server when recording active dialog messages with the native browser.
  • iOS12.2 and later: All open tabs must be closed before recording and replaying with the Safari browser.

  • Replay is not supported when a page is opened in a new tab in the Safari browser.
  • For iOS devices running in XCUITest mode, you may experience object recognition issues with hybrid apps and the native browser. To avoid these issues, make sure to follow Apple's UI design rules.
  • For Android native browsers used with non-packaged hybrid apps: The WebSocket connection may fail, preventing the steps from being recorded by testing tools. Once you reinstate the WebSocket connection, the recorded steps, which were stored by the agent, will be added to the script.

  • Cross origin iframe sites are not supported for native browsers.
  • The following test object methods are not supported:

    • Browser.CloseAllTabs
    • Browser.ClearCache
    • Browser.DeleteCookies
    • Browser.OpenNewTab
    • Browser.HandleDialog
  • On the Chrome native browser, the following test object methods are only supported for replay:

    • Browser.Back

    • Browser.Forward
    • Browser.Refresh

  • The GWT webtab, weblist, and webtree operations are not recorded on native browsers.

Micro Focus Testing Tools

For known issues when using UFT Mobile with a Micro Focus Testing tool, refer to the help center of the tool that you are using.