Re-sign the Agent apps

The Agent apps are standard iOS applications that need to be installed on each device that you want to use with UFT Mobile.

More about the Agent apps

The Agent apps provide a communication channel between the device and UFT Mobile. The Agent apps must be re-signed with a development certificate of an Apple Developer account, and a development provisioning profile belonging to the same account. The certificate and provisioning profile provide the identity of the developer, and the list of devices on which distribution of the app is allowed. Admin users view and manage the Agents apps in the APPS tab of the UFT Mobile console. For details, see View, upload, and manage apps.

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Re-sign the Agent apps

To simplify and support automation of the Agent app re-signing process, UFT Mobile administrators can set up automatic Agent signing.

UFT Mobile on-premises deployments

Automatic signing requires a Mac machine that is always available, with a connection to the UFT Mobile server. For details see, Automatic packaging and signing services

To re-sign the Agent apps manually, see Package an iOS app manually with the packager service.

UFT Mobile SaaS

When working with hosted devices only, there is no need to sign the Agent apps.

When using on-premises devices (using an on-premises device connector), you can do one of the following:

  • Open a service request for a dedicated signing/packaging service using your Apple certificate and provisioning profile. Once this service is set up, the Agent apps and any app uploaded to UFT Mobile will be signed automatically with your Apple certificate and provisioning profile.
  • Manually sign the Agents using the iOS Enabler. For details, see Package an iOS app manually with the iOS Enabler.

Before signing the Agents, make sure that your Mac machine meets the required system requirements. For details, see Support matrix.

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