User account actions and access key management

Manage your access keys and UFT Mobile account from the Administration menu and use the User Account menu in the top right of the masthead, to change your password or log out of UFT Mobile.

Change your password

Click or hover over the User Account menu to change your password. The default settings of UFT Mobile allow non-admin users to log in with the same password for 180 days. Twenty days before the password expires, UFT Mobile issues a warning, asking you to change your password. If your password expires, you will need to contact a UFT Mobile administrator to reset it.

When changing a password, it must be different from your current one and must contain:

  • from 6-20 characters

  • at least one digit from 0-9

  • at least one lowercase English character

  • at least one uppercase English character


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To log out of your UFT Mobile session, expand the User Account menu and click Logout.

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Generate and manage access keys (non shared space admin users)

To run a test in UFT Mobile using a testing tool, you may need an execution key. The key is use to authenticate the connection to UFT Mobile, instead of using a username and password. You enter the execution key in the testing tool settings or in Appium scripts. Note that when using Single-Sign On (SSO), an execution key is mandatory to connect to UFT Mobile from a testing tool.

You can view and manage execution keys by clicking the Administration menu. The Access Keys page provides details of your execution keys, including the date on which they expire.

To generate a new execution key:

  1. In the Access Keys page, Click +. Enter a name and (optionally a) description for the access key.

  2. If required, select an expiration date and time within the allowed duration. Note that the maximum number of days that execution keys are valid is set by the administrator.
  3. Click Generate. The Client ID and secret for executing tests in the UFT Mobile lab is displayed.

    Important: Once you close this window, you will no longer be able to retrieve the access key, so you must either copy or save the credentials.

  4. Admin users can generate both execution and connector access keys. For details, see Access key management.

To use an execution key with a testing tool:

To use the execution key with Micro Focus testing tools, click COPY KEY to place the generated credentials on the clipboard. Click DOWNLOAD to save it to a text file for later reference.

For UFT One 14.53 Patch 1 and higher, enter the tools connection in the UFT Mobile connection settings. For details, see Mobile Options pane in the UFT Help Center.

To use the execution key with Appium tests, click COPY to copy all the listed items including the UFT Mobile URL and OAuthClientID to the clipboard. Click DOWNLOAD to save all the items to a text file for reference at a later time. Set the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret capabilities. For details, see UFT Mobile Appium Capabilities.

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