Test Automation

UFT Mobile integrates with Micro Focus and other third-party test automation software. The following integrations are available:

Name Description
UFT One Connect to UFT Mobile from UFT One to access available mobile devices. Then, use UFT One's Mobile Add-in to create and run functional tests for mobile apps on connected devices.
For details, see the UFT One Help Center.
UFT Developer Use UFT Developer to create and run tests on mobile applications. Connect to UFT Mobile from UFT Developer to access available mobile devices. Then, use UFT Developer's tools to create and run tests for mobile apps on connected devices.
For details on mobile testing using UFT Developer and UFT Mobile, see Test mobile apps, in the UFT Developer Help Center.
Silk Integrate UFT Mobile with Silk Central to execute automated functional tests on mobile devices, and to additionally provide those mobile devices to Silk Test for automated functional test creation and execution.
For details, see the Silk documentation.
BPT Business Process Testing (BPT) is a functional testing framework for organizing your tests using reusable components. These components perform a specific task in a business process, or describe the app's state before or after that task. BPT is integrated into UFT One, and you can use any UFT One functionality that is supported for BPT when testing your mobile apps via UFT Mobile.
For details, see BPT integration with UFT One.
Jenkins The Application Automation Tools plugin for the Jenkins continuous integration server provides a mechanism for uploading apps to the UFT Mobile lab console.
For details, see Jenkins integration.

For continuous integration with Jenkins - UFT, see integrating mobile tests and Jenkins in the UFT One Help Center.
Appium Run Appium scripts utilizing the features of UFT Mobile.
For details, see Appium integration.
XCTest and Espresso XCTest is a framework for creating unit tests and UI tests for Xcode projects.
For details, see the Apple Developer documentation.

Espresso is a UI testing framework for Android.
For details, see the Android Developer documentation.

To run XCTest and Espresso tests on lab devices, connect the devices to your IDE using the Dev Access plugin for Android devices, or the app for iOS devices.
For details, see Dev Access.