Installation FAQs

This topic contains a selection of questions that are frequently asked about installing UFT Mobile.

Why should I upgrade my version of UFT Mobile?

The latest version provides additional functionality. For details, see the What's new in UFT Mobile.

When I upgrade, are the Administration settings saved?

Yes, the upgrade maintains the settings.

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When I upgrade, are the apps I uploaded to the server saved?

Apps that were previously uploaded to UFT Mobile need to be upgraded or they will not be available for users during testing. During the server upgrade, the installer recognizes that you may have apps on the server that require repackaging, and prompts you to run the app packager upgrader.

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Where can I find help on installing the UFT Mobile server?

Refer to the UFT Mobile - Windows Installation (on-premises) or UFT Mobile- Linux Installation (on-premises).

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Where can I find help on installing a UFT Mobile connector?

Refer to the relevant topic:

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Can I install the server and connector on the same machine?

The server installation also includes an option to install the embedded connector. For details, see Install UFT Mobile .

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If I upgrade to the latest version of UFT Mobile, will this affect my testing tools, such as UFT, Sprinter, or TruClient?

To gain the full capabilities of the testing tool and ensure its proper integration, make sure you are using a supported version of the testing tool. For details, see Support matrix.

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If the UFT Mobile server was upgraded to the latest version, do I also need to upgrade my connector to the latest version?

Yes. This will insure proper compatibility and allow you to take advantage of the new features added for the latest version

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Can I install UFT Mobile on a stick or flash drive?

A server installation on a USB stick or flash drive is not supported.

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