Other integrations

UFT Mobile integrates with other Micro Focus tools. The following integrations are available:

Name Description

Enables you to run tests of your mobile apps directly from ALM. The tests access the mobile devices and applications from your UFT Mobile server and post the test results in ALM.

For more details, see ALM integration with UFT Mobile.

Service Virtualization Service Virtualization provides a framework for creating virtual services for testing your mobile apps, especially when real services are limited or unavailable. This lets you simulate a wide variety of situations that you might otherwise not be able to test.

For more details, see UFT Mobile integration in the SV Help Center.
Network Virtualization UFT Mobile integrates with Network Virtualization (NV), enabling you to test how various mobile networks affect your application's performance on different mobile devices.

For details, see Integration with UFT Mobile in the NV Help Center.