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Install UFT Mobile

You can install the UFT Mobile server on either a Linux or Windows machine. This section is relevant only for on-premises deployments of UFT Mobile

About the installation process

UFT Mobile 3.4 can be installed as:

  • A full installation where there is no previous installation of UFT Mobile
  • An upgrade on top of an existing installation of UFT Mobile 2.50 or later

    The installer checks what files are already installed, and installs or updates the relevant files. If you are using an earlier version of UFT Mobile, first upgrade to version 2.50.

The server can be installed on either a Linux or Windows machine. For installation instructions, see UFT Mobile - Windows Installation (on-premises) or UFT Mobile- Linux Installation (on-premises).

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Installation components

When you run the UFT Mobile server installation, the following components are installed:

  • The UFT Mobile server
  • The UFT Mobile connector (automatically configured to work with the local server)

    You can also install a UFT Mobile connector as a standalone component on a separate Windows, Linux, or Mac machine, and configure it to connect to your UFT Mobile server. For more details, see Install the connector on a Windows machine, Install the connector on a Linux machine or Install the connector on a Mac machine.

  • The PostgreSQL database (You can also install UFT Mobile by connecting to an external database. Note that UFT Mobile 3.4 supports both PostgreSQL version 9.6 and PostgreSQL version 11 when using an embedded database.)

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UFT Mobile license

UFT Mobile comes with a 45-day trial license. After the trial period, you need to install a valid license to continue working with UFT Mobile. For details, see License installation and management.

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Best practices

For best practices for installing, configuring, and maintaining UFT Mobile, see the UFT Mobile Administrator Best Practices Guide.

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