Flutter SDK apps

Record and replay packaged Android and iOS apps developed with the Google Flutter SDK. The topic explains how to create a flutter.ipa file for testing on iOS devices. Note that Flutter is currently supported on iOS versions 11 -13.

Configure your project in Xcode

Prepare your project as follows:

  1. Open your Flutter project in Xcode and select your project. For the supported Xcode versions, see Support matrix.
  2. In your project's target, select Build Settings.
  3. Search for TRACK_WIDGET_CREATION. Verify that the value is set to true.

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Build your Flutter project

To build your Flutter project:

  1. In Terminal, change directory to your Flutter project directory.
  2. Run the following command: flutter build iOS --debug
  3. On successful completion of the build, an .app file (Default: Runner.app) will be created.

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Sign and package the app file

Use the latest version of the iOS Enabler to package the runner app as follows:

  1. Select AUT mode.
  2. Provide the paths to your .app file and to the UFT mobile dylib.
  3. Click Run to generate a packaged .ipa file.

You can now use the .ipa file for testing.

For more details on using the iOS Enabler, see Package an iOS app manually with the iOS Enabler.

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