Analyze results

The NV Analytics report (also known as the NV Insights report):

  • assists in pinpointing factors that negatively impact an application's operation across a network

  • conducts an analysis based on packet list data

  • provides recommendations for optimizing the performance of your application


  (This example merges several pages in the report for illustration purposes.)

To download and view the NV Analytics (NV Insights) report:

For tests run from... Do this...



Performance Center

  1. Open NV Test Manager from the relevant location:

    • Start > All Programs > Network Virtualization > NV Test Manager > NV Test Manager

    • <http/s>://<NV Test Manager address>:<NV Test Manager port (8182 by default)>/shunra/controller

  2. In the Tests tab, locate and select your test run according to the device ID and test run time.

  3. Select Run Analysis > Standard Analysis to analyze the results.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • At the top of the page, click Download and select Download Analytics report to download the NV Analytics report in HTML format.

    • In the Analytics tab, view the analysis results.

Appium Download the report as part of the script with an API call at the end of the test. For details, see Common Appium API calls.
Lab Console Download the report after stopping the test by clicking the Download Report link.

For more information on the NV Analytics (NV Insights) report, visit the Network Virtualization Help Center.

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