Capturing audio

The audio capture feature lets you capture sound from your device while working in the remote device view of the UFT Mobile lab.

You can also stream audio from a remote iOS device to your local machine (requires iOS 13 and above). For details, see the section on device interactions in Device control panel.

About audio capture

When testing a device, you may need to verify that it is able to play audio in browsers, on players, and in other apps.

To do this, you can capture the audio output of the device.

Currently, this feature is only supported for Windows connectors, for a single device per connector machine.

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Required hardware

To capture audio using UFT Mobile, you require the following:

  • A 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male audio cable
  • A 3.5mm to USB audio adapter (only required if there is no sound card on the connector machine)
  • If using an iOS device with no headphone jack: Lightning audio and a charge adapter

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Prepare for audio capture

To prepare for capturing audio:

  1. Connect your device to the connector machine using a USB cable. For details, see Connect devices to UFT Mobile.
  2. Ask your admin to add the ID of your device to the file under the conf folder on the UFT Mobile server. The server can be either Windows or Linux. You can obtain the device ID from the device card in UFT Mobile. Use the following syntax: DEVICE_LIST_WITH_CAPTURE_AUDIO_FEATURE_ENABLED=<device_id>. Separate multiple values by commas. Although you can only connect one device at a time, you can add multiple devices to this file. For example:


  3. Connect the audio cable from the device's audio output to the audio line-in on your connector machine.
    If your connector machine does not have a sound card, connect the USB audio adapter to a USB port on the connector machine, and connect the audio cable from the device's audio output to the USB adapter's input port.

  4. Configure the connector machine to record input :

    1. Select Control Panel > Sound and open the Recording tab.
    2. Select the audio cable as the microphone and click OK.
      If you are using a connector machine without a sound card, select the USB audio adapter as the microphone.

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Capture the audio

To capture audio:

  1. On your connector machine, open the UFT Mobile console.
  2. Open the DEVICE LAB page and select the device to which you connected the cable. The Device Information window (to open, click in the device card) should show that Audio Capture is enabled on the device.

  3. Click the Play button. Wait for the device to open to its startup screen.
  4. Run the app playing the audio. The Capture Device Audio Output button will appear.
  5. To begin recording, click the Capture Device Audio Output button on the sidebar. The button changes to a Stop symbol .
  6. To end the recording, click the Stop button. The audio file, in .wav format, is saved in the browser's default download folder.
  7. Open the audio file and verify that it captured your audio properly.

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