UFT Mobile video gallery

This video gallery includes a selection of videos on working with UFT Mobile.

What's new video

Watch the What's New video to learn about the new features included in this release.

What's new in UFT Mobile 3.5

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Lab management

Learn about managing and administering workspaces, users, devices, and apps.

Managing the UFT Mobile lab

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Mobile app testing

Test and debug to ensure app quality with UFT Mobile's exploratory testing and Dev Access functionality. Integrate with Micro Focus functional testing tools or Appium for automated testing on mobile devices.

Develop, debug, & test in your IDE

Access real devices remotely for exploratory testing

Smarter Testing with UFT Family

Accessing the mobile lab from UFT One

Mobile app testing with UFT One

Using the mobile lab with UFT Developer & Appium

Mobile app testing with UFT Developer & Appium

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More videos

The following links include a selection of UFT Mobile and functional testing videos:

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