Introducing ValueEdge

ValueEdge is Micro Focus’ end-to-end cloud-based value stream management platform.


Micro Focus ValueEdge delivers end-to-end value stream management by providing a modular, cloud-based platform that powers the entire software product lifecycle, from strategy to delivery.

This AI-powered platform works with existing commercial and open-source software development tools. With ValueEdge, you can improve production efficiency, mitigate risks and maximize ROI across your organization.

The flexible design lets you choose a single ValueEdge module or the entire platform that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Get started

Before you begin

Learn about ValueEdge's architecture and modular design.

For details, see ValueEdge modules.

Video tutorials

For an introduction to ValueEdge and ValueStream management, watch a collection of tutorials on the Video Gallery.

Tips & tricks

View the ValueEdge Platform Community for a list of useful tips and tricks.


Visit the Resources Library for useful resources on ValueEdge.

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