DevOps Aviator

DevOps Aviator features can help improve your development process using generative AI.

DevOps Aviator features

DevOps Aviator features include the following:

Feature Details
Aviator Smart Assistant The Aviator Smart Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can analyze features, suggest improvements, recommend KPIs, and more. For details, see Aviator Smart Assistant.
Suggestions of manual tests You can use Aviator to generate suggested manual tests for a feature and create new manual tests based on the suggestions. For details, see Generate suggestions for manual tests.
Prediction of feature time-to-market Aviator's predictive analytics uses AI to predict product development timelines based on previous performance, helping you to identify risk early in the production cycle. For details, see Predictive analytics.
Root cause analysis widget The root cause analysis widget helps you establish correlations between a defined set of problematic work items. For details, see Root cause analysis widget.

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Aviator license

To use DevOps Aviator features, you must have an Aviator license. For details, see ValueEdge licenses.

To deactivate Aviator, contact your administrator.

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The following permissions must be selected to enable Aviator functionality: Under the General System Actions category: AI: Suggest tests and AI: Chat with entity.

For details, see Roles and permissions.

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