Create a script based on mockups

Automate test creation based on application mockups. You can create a script even if you do not have a live environment or a fully developed application.

Note: This task is a part of a higher-level task. For details, see Create a script.

Inspect application mockups for objects

Use AI Mockup Inspection to inspect application mockups and identify objects to use in your script. This lets you prepare your scripts much earlier, designing them before your application is fully developed.


AI Mockup Inspection requires no application. Instead, you only need to load images in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format from a local folder.

To inspect application mockups:

  1. Click the Inspect application button. The AI Inspect pane opens.

  2. Click Mockup images. The Mockup images tab opens.

  3. Select Web as the inspection context. Click the upload icon or Browse to select an image from your local folder. Alternatively, drag and drop an image to the tab.

    The AI Inspect pane starts inspecting the image and highlighting all identified visual elements by default.

    Note: The maximum size of an image that you can upload is 8 MB. If you upload multiple images at a time, the total size of the images cannot exceed 150 MB. You can upload at most 100 images to the tab.

  4. Decide whether to show Visual Element, Text, or both, to see either visually detected objects, or areas of text in the application, or both.
  5. Click the icon on the top to open an image gallery. In the gallery, you can:

    • Click the Add icon to add more images for inspection.

      You can also add images by dragging and dropping.

    • Navigate between images you import with arrows.

    • Click the Search button to search for a specific image.

    • Click the Grid icon to display images horizontally or vertically.

    • Select Name or Date to sort images by the file name or modified time.

    • Click Clear all to clear all images. To delete a single image, hover over the image and click the icon.

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Add AI steps to your script

After the objects in your mockup image are highlighted, you can add AI steps to your script.

To add AI steps:

  1. Make sure you are in the Mockup images tab and have an application mockup inspected.

  2. Click any highlighted object. A pop-up dialog box opens with a suggested step and object description.

    Note: Currently, AI inspection recognizes only English text.

  3. Modify the step action, edit the value field, and click Add to script.

    Alternatively, click Edit to modify additional step details including Text, Position, and Action on the right pane.

    After the step is added to your script, the right pane shows the step count and success message.

  4. To fine-tune the step you added, see Manually create and edit steps.

Note: To run a script created based on mockup images, you must have a live environment fully prepared.

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