Prepare a test suite for execution

In the Tests tab, you add tests to a test suite and then plan the suite's run schedule.

To prepare a suite:

  1. Open the Tests tab. Here you see details of all of the tests in your workspace.

  2. Click Add <test type> and select tests to add them to a test suite, as described in Create test suites.

  3. When creating the test suite, in the Test execution configuration area, define the following fields:

    Field Description
    Machine template

    Select the AMI (Amazon Machine Image) where the suite will be executed.

    This describes a particular machine template, specifying the testing tool, browser type and available RAM to execute the test suite.

    Parallel execution limit

    Specify the maximum number of machines or tests that you want to run in parallel. Your license limits this number, but you can also use fewer machines than defined by your license.

    For example, if your license allows for 4 machines and you define the parallel limit to 4, four tests in a suite will run in parallel. If you allocate only two machines, the tests will run two at a time.

  4. In the test suite planning tab, the Execution Status field indicates whether a particular test can currently be run on the cloud. The following statuses are available:

    Status Description
    Ready The test type and test runner are both appropriate for cloud execution, and the Run mode parameter is set to Automatic.
    Unavailable The test type is not appropriate for cloud execution.
    Not ready The test type is appropriate for cloud execution but the test runner is not. If you want to run this test on the cloud, configure a test runner as described in Enable cloud execution.
  5. The Test suiteSchedules tab shows all schedules assigned to a test suite.

    • In the Schedules tab, click Add Existing Schedules and assign one or more schedules to the test suite. For details on creating new schedules, see Create schedules.

    • After schedules are assigned to a suite, you can select them and click Remove Schedules to remove one or more schedules from the test suite.

  6. In the Tests tab, you can use the toolbar buttons to plan and run test suites, as described in Plan and run test suites.

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