License Utility

To run Vusers, you need the appropriate licenses. These licenses must be installed on the computer on which the LoadRunner Controller (or Network Virtualization) is installed. You use the LoadRunner License Utility to manage your licenses.

The License Utility enables you to:

  • View the details of licenses that are currently installed.
  • Install additional licenses.

Tip: Use the Micro Focus SW Usage Hub tool to track license usage across your network.

To access
Select Start > All Programs > HPE Software > HPE Virtual User Generator > License > License Utility.
Important information

Using the License Utility, you can install a new license by using either a license file or a license key.

  • License file. When you purchase a new license, Micro Focus may send you an email with an attached license file. The license file contains the license keys for one or more licenses. When you use the license file to install the new licenses, the LoadRunner License Utility reads the license file and extracts all the license keys that are included in the license file. You can then select which of the available licenses to install. You may choose to use a license file to install LoadRunner licenses because the license file enables you to install multiple licenses simultaneously.
  • License key. Unlike a license file, a license key enables you to install just a single license at a time. You may receive the license key directly from Micro Focus, or the license key may be included in a license file that you receive from Micro Focus.

For details, see Install a New License.

The table below describes the LoadRunner License Utility UI elements:

UI Element Description
Host ID Identifies the current machine computer on which the Controller or VuGen is installed. You may need to provide the Host ID when purchasing new licenses. To obtain new LoadRunner licenses, click the Contact link at the bottom of the LoadRunner License Utility dialog box.
License Summary Displays a list of the licenses that are installed on the computer. Click on any license in the table to display additional details about the license. The Vuser protocols included in the selected license box displays a list of the Vuser protocols that are included in the selected license.

Indicates the status of the license.

  • Valid . Indicates that the license in current and functional.
  • Invalid . Indicates that the license is no longer valid. For one of the following reasons:
    • A Time limited license expiration date has passed.
    • The remaining capacity of a VUD license is zero.

    Note: A license may become temporarily invalid if the License Utility detects that the system clock has been tampered with. To restore the affected licenses, reset the system clock to the current date and time.

  • To be Expired . Indicates that the license will expire within 30 days.

By default, the License Summary table does not show invalid licenses. Select the Show invalid licenses check box to show invalid licenses.


Locked. Indicates that the license can be installed only on the computer on which it is currently installed – not on any other computer.

Unlocked. Indicates that the license can be installed on any computer.

License Bundle

Indicates the name of the Vuser protocol bundle to which the license applies. The license enables the Controller to run Vusers of any protocol that is included in the protocol bundle. To display a list of the Vuser protocols that are included in a bundle, click the license in the License Summary table. A list of the associated Vuser protocols is displayed at the bottom of the LoadRunner License Utility.

Beginning with LoadRunner version 12.00, the InstantOn license was replaced by the Community Bundle. See License Bundles documentation on the LoadRunner Resources site, under Technical documents.

In addition to any other bundle you may purchase, LoadRunner is delivered with the Community Bundle which includes:

  • A permanent license with 50 Vusers.

  • Access to all the protocols with the exception of GUI (UFT) and COM/DCOM.

Note: A Partner License icon that appears to the left of a license bundle indicates that the license is for a LoadRunner partner, and not for standard Vuser protocols. Partner licenses enable third-party applications to be controlled by the LoadRunner Controller.


Indicates the type of license:

  • Time limited licenses are valid for a limited period only. They are typically issued for 60 or 365 days.
  • Permanent licenses do not expire - there is no time limit to the validity of these licenses.
  • VUD licenses are issued with a limited capacity. The capacity is defined by the measurement Vuser-days or VUDs. For example, the capacity of a VUD license may be 1000 VUDs. Each day that the Controller is used to run Vusers, the maximum number of Vusers that ran simultaneously on that day is deducted from the remaining license capacity. If a maximum of 200 Vusers ran on day 1, then 800 VUDs will remain in the license.


    • A VUD license may have an expiration date and therefore be time-limited.
    • You cannot change the start time until the end of a VUD cycle.

    For more information, see Additional Information about LoadRunner Licenses.

Expiration Date Indicates the date and time when Time limited, Instant on, VUD, and Evaluation licenses expire.
  • For Evaluation, Time Limited, and Permanent licenses, Capacity indicates the maximum number of Vusers (of the type specified by the license bundle) that can be run simultaneously from the LoadRunner Controller.
  • For VUD licenses, Capacity indicates the number of VUDs that remain in the license.
Show invalid licenses Select this check box to show invalid licenses in the list of LoadRunner licenses that are installed.
Vuser protocols included in the selected license Displays the Vuser protocols that are included in the selected license.
Install New Licenses Opens the New License dialog box which enables you to install new LoadRunner licenses. For details, see Install a New License.

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