Ajax (Click and Script) Supported Frameworks

Caution: Support for the Ajax Click & Script protocol will be discontinued in upcoming versions of LoadRunner and Performance Center.

  • Do not use the Ajax Click & Script protocol for new scripts.

  • We recommend that you migrate your existing Ajax Click & Script scripts to another Web protocol such as TruClient - Web or Web - HTTP/HTML.

    For details on these Web protocols, see Web - HTTP/HTML Protocol or go to the TruClient Help Center (select the relevant version).

The supported frameworks for Ajax Click & Script functions are:

  • Atlas 1.0.10920.0/ASP.NET Ajax—All controls

  • Scriptaculous 1.8—Autocomplete, Reorder List, and Slider

VuGen supports the following frameworks at the engine level. This implies that VuGen will create standard Click & Script steps, but not Ajax specific functions:

  • Prototype 1.6

  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1.4