Ajax (Click and Script) Example Script

Caution: Support for the Ajax Click & Script protocol will be discontinued in upcoming versions of LoadRunner and Performance Center.

  • Do not use the Ajax Click & Script protocol for new scripts.

  • We recommend that you migrate your existing Ajax Click & Script scripts to another Web protocol such as TruClient - Web or Web - HTTP/HTML.

    For details on these Web protocols, see Web - HTTP/HTML Protocol or go to the TruClient Help Center (select the relevant version).

VuGen uses the control handler layer to create the effect of an operation on a GUI control. During recording, when encountering one of the supported Ajax controls, VuGen generates a function with an ajax_xxx prefix.

In the following example, a user selected item number 1 (index=1) in an Accordion control. VuGen generated an ajax_accordion function.


Note: When you record an Ajax session, VuGen generates standard Click & Script functions for objects that are not one of the supported Ajax controls. In the example above, the word FILE_PATH was typed into an edit box.