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Enables you to determine the level of debug information generated during recording.

To access

Record > Recording Options > Recording Properties > Log Options

Important information

This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol Compatibility Table.

These options are not supported for the Java Record Replay protocol when using Java 8.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Class Dumping

Dumps all of the loaded classes to the script folder.

Default value: disabled.

Tip: Under the script's data folder, VuGen creates a subfolder named dump. This folder will contain a copy of each class file that was loaded. You can use these class files to determine the signatures when defining custom hooks.

Digest Calculation

Generate a digest of all recorded objects.

Default value: disabled.

  • Exclude from Digest. A list of objects not to be included in the digest calculation.

  • Syntax: java.lang.Object class format, delimiter = ","

Log Level

The level of recording log to generate:

  • None. No log file is created

  • Brief. Generates a standard recording log and output redirection

  • Detailed. Generates a detailed log for methods, arguments, and return values.

  • Debug. Records hooking and recording debug information, along with all of the above.

Note: The log files will be stored in the script folder's data directory.

Synchronize Threads

For multi-threaded applications, instructs VuGen to synchronize between the different threads.

Default value: disabled.

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