Vuser Script Templates

The User-Defined Template enables you to save a script with a specific configuration as a template. You can then use this template as a basis for creating future scripts.

User-defined templates support the following files and data:

  • Runtime settings

  • Parameters

  • Extra files

  • Actions

  • Snapshots

Generic settings, such as Recording options and General options, are not supported as they are not relevant to a specific script.

Template Guidelines

  • If you configure a script for a specific protocol and then save the script as a template, further scripts based on that template will work only with that same protocol.

  • After you create a template, you cannot edit it directly in VuGen. To make any changes, open the template and save it again with another name or overwrite the existing template.

  • If you regenerate an original script from a template, you will lose all of your manual changes.

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