Compile Scripts Manually on Linux

After you modify the template, you compile it with the appropriate Makefile in the script's folder. The compiler creates a dynamic library called

You can modify the Makefile and assign additional compiler flags and libraries by modifying the appropriate sections.

If you are working with a general template, you must include your application's libraries and header files. For example, if your application uses a library called testlib, include it in the LIBS section.

LIBS         = \
    -testlib \
    -lLrun50 \

After you modify the Makefile, type make from the command line in the working folder to create the dynamic library files for the Vuser script.

After you create a script, you check its functionality from the command line. Check that your script communicates with the server and performs all the required tasks. For details, see Run a Vuser Script from a Linux Command Line.