Aspects List

The following table lists the available testing aspects:

Aspect Name
Positive Testing
Generates a full positive test that checks each operation of the service.
Standard Compliance
Checks the service's compliancy with industry standards such as WS-I and SOAP.
Service Interoperability
Tests the interoperability of the service's operations with all supported Web Services toolkits.
Contains the following sub-aspects:
  • .NET Framework. Tests that the services are fully interoperable with .NET Framework WSE 2 Toolkit by calling all of its operations with default/expected values.

  • Axis/Java Based Web Services. Tests that the services are fully interoperable with Axis 1.3 Web Services Framework by calling all of its operations with default/expected values.

Security Testing
Tests service security. Contains the following sub-aspects:
  • SQL Injection Vulnerability. Checks if the service is vulnerable to SQL injections by injecting SQL statements and errors into relevant parameters.

  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Attempts to hack the service by injecting code into a Web site that will disrupt its functionality.

Boundary Testing
Using the negative testing technique, creates tests to manipulate data, types, parameters, and the actual SOAP message to test the service to its limits.
Contains the following sub-aspects:
  • Extreme Values. Provides invalid data types to the services and verifies they are not accepted.

  • Null Values. Provides NULL parameters to the services to verify they are not accepted.

Performance Testing
Contains the following sub-aspects:
  • Stress Testing. Tests the maximum load that can be placed on the application.

  • Overload Sustainability Testing. Tests how well the hardware allocated for the application can support the number of anticipated users.

  • Volume Testing. Tests that the system can handle a massive data entry.

  • Longevity Test. Tests that the system can sustain a consistent number of concurrent Vusers executing transactions using near-peak capacity, over a minimum 24-hour period.

  • Scalability Testing. Repeated stress, overload, volume, and longevity tests with different server or network hardware configurations.