Determining Which Values to Correlate

Once you generate a list of differences, you need to determine which ones to correlate. If you mistakenly correlate a difference that did not require correlation, your replay may be adversely affected.

The following strings most probably require correlation:

  • Login string. A login string with dynamic data such as a session ID or a timestamp.

  • Date/Time Stamp. Any string using a date or time stamp, or other user credentials.

  • Common Prefix. A common prefix, such as SessionID or CustomerID, followed by a string of characters.

If you are in doubt whether a difference should be correlated, correlate only that difference and then run your script. Check the Replay log to see if the issue was resolved.

You should also correlate differences in which some of the recorded and replayed strings are identical, but others differ. For example, SessionID strings with identical prefixes and suffixes, but different characters in between, should be correlated.