Create and Open Vuser Scripts

To: Do this:

Create a new Vuser script

  1. Open VuGen and select File > New Script and Solution.

  2. In the Create a New Script dialog box, select Single Protocol or Multiple Protocols from the Category list.

  3. Select a protocol from the Protocols list.

  4. In the Script Name box, enter a name for the script.

    Note: Do not name scripts init, run or end because these names are used internally by VuGen.

  5. Click Create to create the Vuser script.

For user interface details, see Create a New Script Dialog Box.

After you create a new Vuser script, you can record user activity into the script. For details, see Record a Vuser Script.

Create or open a script from a template

For task details, see Create and Open Vuser Script Templates.

Open an existing script stored on the local machine or network drive

Select File > Open > Script/Solution.

Open or work with a .zip script

For task details, see How to Work with .zip Files.

Open a script stored in Application Lifecycle Management

You can store scripts on ALM and modify them in VuGen.
For details, see Working with Application Lifecycle Management.

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