Example Teradici PCoIP Protocol

Waits until a bitmap appears.

int pcoip_sync_on_bitmap( long x, long y, long width, long height, char *hash );

x The horizontal distance, in pixels, of the bitmap's top left edge from the left border of the client window.
y The vertical distance, in pixels, of the bitmap's top left edge from the upper border of the client window
width The width, in pixels, of the bitmap.
height The height, in pixels, of the bitmap.
hash An encoded string representing the bitmap.


pcoip_sync_on_bitmap is a synchronization function that waits 60 seconds for a specified bitmap to appear before continuing.

This function can be added only where snapshots were taken. For more information, see Teradici PCoIP (PC over IP) Protocol in the LoadRunner Help Center.

Use the pcoip_sync_on_bitmap_ex to customize the timeout period.

Return Values

E_ALREADY_CONNECTED Do not call this function after the connection is established.
E_NOT_CONNECTED Action cannot be performed. There is no connection to the remote server.
E_OUT_OF_TIME Function timed out.
E_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER Illegal parameter found.
E_INTERNAL Internal error found.


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.


This an example of the use of pcoip_sync_on_bitmap.

pcoip_sync_on_bitmap(137, 211, 51, 17,