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Check out below the new features and improvements in VuGen and LoadRunner 12.60.

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TruWeb is a new protocol offering, focusing on the HTTP (transport) level. It provides a lightweight, scalable, cross-platform solution using a brand new JavaScript SDK and engine. See TruWeb Protocol.

Note: The TruWeb protocol is provided as tech preview version.


Protocol enhancements


The Web - HTTP/HTML protocol now includes:

  • A runtime setting to enable/disable HTTP/2 features. See the HTTP section for runtime settings.
  • An argument for web_set_certificate_ex that looks up a certificate in the Windows Certificate Store, using a more reliable thumbprint instead of the index. See web_set_certificate_ex in the Function Reference.
Oracle NCA protocol The Oracle NCA protocol has a new runtime setting that enables connecting to one or multiple IP addresses. See Oracle NCA Protocol.
PCoIP protocol We have enhanced desktop pool support with the ability to sync on bitmap timeout per step. See pcoip_sync_on_bitmap_ex in the Function Reference.


All information is available in the TruClient Help Center.

TruClient Browser/Firefox browser

TruClient Browser, first made available in version 12.56, is now fully supported and equivalent to Firefox version 58.0.2. TruClient browser has replaced the Firefox browser. See Differences Between Supported Browsers.

Debug code

When converting actions to code, you can now benefit from expanded debugging functionality using an Inspector Panel, enabling you to do a detailed review of variable values in the code. See Replay and enhance the converted script.

Note: The converting actions to code feature is provided as tech preview version.

Windows 10 This release includes improved support for using the TruClient IE browser on Windows 10. See TruClient for IE Browser.
Interactive guidance TruClient now includes interactive walkthroughs and guidance, providing help within the TruClient application with onboarding, product tours, and more. See Tutorials and Help.

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Controller and Analysis

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization usage is now included with your LoadRunner protocol licenses; network emulation and NV Insights do not require any additional license purchase. See License bundles.

Analysis graphs

You can now save a graph as an image file directly from the graph's right-click menu. See Save graph as image.

Command Line Interface tool

You can now automate scenario runs using the Command Line Interface tool by invoking an XML input file or a LoadRunner scenario (.lrs) file.

The XML input can be constructed prior to running scenarios, allowing for fully DevOps-oriented flows including:

  • Pulling scripts from any source control
  • Dynamically allocating Dockerized load generators
  • Running scenarios from any CI tool

See Running Scenarios using the Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool

LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter

Use the new LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter tool to export scenario results to JSON or to InfluxDB. See LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter.

Windows Dockerized Load Generator

A Dockerized load generator image (for some protocols) is now available for Windows platforms, in addition to Linux. See Load Generators on Docker.

Note: The Windows Dockerized load generator image is provided as tech preview version.

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Technologies and platforms


The following are no longer prerequisites for LoadRunner:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2013

Support added for Java 9 and 10

Default: Java 10

OpenSSL Support added for OpenSSL 1.1.0g
SAP GUI protocol

Support added for the following:

  • SAP GUI 7.5
  • Ability to record and replay SAP GUI scripts on Windows 10/Windows Server 2016
MQTT protocol Support added for UTF-8

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