Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise

LoadRunner Enterprise uses scripts to emulate real user activities on your application. If you are using LoadRunner Enterprise, you can upload your scripts from VuGen to LoadRunner Enterprise, and then run performance tests there. For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise Help Center.

To upload scripts:

  1. Open the script you want to upload in Solution Explorer, and select Integrations > Upload to LoadRunner Enterprise.

  2. In the Server Account dialog box, enter the address of your LoadRunner Enterprise server, and the user and password to log in to the server.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. In the Domain & Project dialog box:

    1. Select a domain from the list provided by LoadRunner Enterprise.

    2. Indicate whether to save all the files or only the runtime files.

    3. If you already have a script with the same name in the target location, indicate whether to overwrite the existing script.

    4. Select a project from the list provided by LoadRunner Enterprise.

    5. Select a folder where you want to upload the script, within the project you selected.

  5. Click Upload.

The script is uploaded to LoadRunner Enterprise.

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