Web Protocols - Overview

Note: Applies to: web Vuser protocols
For a list of web Vuser protocols, see Web Vuser Types.

You use VuGen to develop web Vuser scripts. While you navigate through a site performing typical user activities, VuGen records your actions and generates a Vuser script. When you run the script, the resulting Vuser emulates a user accessing the Internet.

Suppose you have a website that displays product information for your company. The site is accessed by customers and potential customers. You want to make sure that the response time for any customer query is less than a specified value (for example, 20 seconds)—even when many users (for example, 200) access the site simultaneously. You use Vusers to emulate this scenario, where the web server services simultaneous requests for information. Each Vuser could do the following:

  • Load the home page

  • Navigate to the page containing the product information

  • Submit a query

  • Wait for a response from the server

You can distribute several hundred Vusers among the available testing machines, each Vuser accessing the server by using its API. This enables you to measure the performance of the server under the load of many Vusers.

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