Add a Text Check From the XML View in the Snapshot Pane

After recording a Vuser script, you can add a text check from the XML view in the Snapshot pane.

  1. Click View > Snapshot, or click the Show Snapshot Pane button on the VuGen toolbar.

  2. In the Snapshot pane, display a snapshot that contains the text that you want to verify.

  3. On the right-side of the Snapshot pane, click the XML View tab.

  4. In the Snapshot pane, click the Response Body tab.

  5. In either the Tree view or the Grid view, locate and select the text string that you want to verify.

  6. Right-click inside the selection, and select Add Text Check Step. The Find Text dialog box opens.

  7. Modify the options in the Find Text dialog box. For details on the dialog box options, press F1 when in the dialog box to open the Function Reference.
  8. Click OK to insert a web_reg_find step into the Vuser script.

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