Code generation in the Flex protocol

Code generation notification

If a Flex or Java over HTTP script encounters an error during the code generation phase, VuGen issues a warning. This warning appears in the Errors pane, when the Warnings button is selected, and the Define Available Categories filter is set to All or Code Generation Notification.The list of warnings displays details about each error, as well as recommended actions for resolving the problem. Follow the recommended actions and regenerate the script.

If the error is related to externalizable objects in a Flex script, see Externalizable objects in Flex scripts.

To manually open the Errors pane at any time, select View > Errors.

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Parse responses in Flex scripts

When generating a Flex script, VuGen attempts to parse responses for any of the following steps:

  • flex_amf_call
  • flex_remoting_call
  • flex_login
  • flex_logout
  • wflex_ping

If the parsing fails, the following attribute is dynamically added to the step:

IsParseResponse = No

This instructs VuGen not to parse the responses for that step during script replay. Every time you regenerate the script, VuGen will attempt to parse again, and will set this parameter to false if it fails. If needed, you can delete this line, or set the value to = 'Yes' to force VuGen to parse responses for that step during replay.

Additionally, you can manually add the attribute and set the value to 'No' in a generated script, even if the parse is successful, as it may enhance replay performance.

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