Record Flex scripts

When you record a Flex application, VuGen generates Flex Vuser script functions that emulate the application. The following tables describe the functions that are supported by the Flex protocol.


VuGen's Flex protocol lets you create scripts that emulate Flex applications working with AMF0 and AMF3.

Function Name Description
Sends an AMF request.
Defines a set of envelope headers.
Defines a set of AMF headers.
Logs on to a password-protected Flex application.
Logs off of a password-protected Flex application.
Checks if a Flex application is available.
Invokes one or more methods of a server-side Remote object (RPC).

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RTMP functions

Function Name Description
flex_rtmp_connect Connects a client to an RTMP server and sets connection options.
flex_rtmp_disconnect Disconnects a client from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_receive_stream Receives streaming data from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_receive Receives responses from an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_send Sends a request to an RTMP server.

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RTMP tunneled functions

Function Name Description
flex_rtmp_tunneled_connect Connects a client to an RTMP server over HTTP.
flex_rtmp_tunneled_disconnect Disconnects a client from session over HTTP with an RTMP server.
flex_rtmp_tunneled_send Sends a request to an RTMP server over HTTP.

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For detailed syntax information about all of the Flex functions, see the Function Reference.