Known issues for Flex protocol

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for the Flex protocol.

Tip: For general VuGen troubleshooting and limitations, see Known issues for VuGen.

  • A Flex script cannot be generated using an external Java Virtual Machine (JVM) version 1.4 or lower.
  • The Flex protocol does not support the Generate snapshot on error option (Replay > Runtime Settings > General > Miscellaneous > Error Handling).
  • Proxy recording is not supported for the Flex protocol.
  • If your script contains more than one flex_RTMP_tunneled_connect step, with the same gateway parameter, you must insert a disconnect step for the previous flex_RTMP_tunneled_connect step before you connect again. For example:













  • If a subsequent flex_rtmp_tunneled_connect command has the same gateway parameter as the previous flex_trtmp_tunneled_connect step and the flex_rtmp_tunneled_disconnect step is omitted, the script will pause indefinitely.
  • If you instruct VuGen to serialize objects using Flex LCDS/BlazeDS jars as described in Flex > Externalizable objects recording options, no code is generated and the script remains empty.

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GraniteDS (Data Services)

  • If you have modified the granite-config.xml, copy it to the <Installation_folder>\dat directory.
  • When switching between BlazeDS and GraniteDS parsing (Recording Options > Flex > Configuration), VuGen must be restarted.
  • VuGen cannot serialize both GraniteDS and BlazeDS/LCDS messages in the same script.
  • All limitations that apply to AMF3 parsing, also apply to externalizable objects over RTMP.
  • If the Generate flex_rtmp_receive_stream step option is enabled, all transactions, comments, and rendezvous points that you add from the Recording toolbar are added to the script after the flex_rtmp_receive_stream step in your script.
  • Web diagnostics is not supported for RTMP and RTMPT steps (even when the breakdown is enabled).
  • You cannot replay two RTMPT steps at once.