Teradici PCoIP Protocol

The PCoIP (PC over IP) protocol supports testing on the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform and VMware HorizonView.

Alphabetical List

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Function Name
Connects to the remote desktop.
pcoip_connect_desktop Connects to the remote desktop using its identifier.
pcoip_disconnect Disconnects the client from the server.
pcoip_get_bitmap_value Returns the value of a bitmap as a string.
pcoip_key Emulates a key press in a remote session .
Emulates a mouse click.
Sets credentials for connection to the remote desktop.
Sets the address and port of the broker for a brokered connection to the remote desktop.
Sets the resolution of the remote desktop.
pcoip_sync_on_bitmap Waits until a bitmap appears.
pcoip_sync_on_bitmap_ex Waits a specified amount of time until a bitmap appears.
pcoip_sync_on_text Waits until specified text is displayed at the specified location.
pcoip_type Emulates typing an alphanumeric string.