Global Functions

The C Language reference includes information for the other supported languages.

C Language C# Language Java Language JavaScript Description
lrvtc_column_size vts.column_size lrvtc.column_size lrvtc.columnSize Returns the number of fields that contain data in a column.
lrvtc_connect vts.connect lrvtc.connect lrvtc.connect Creates a connection to the server.
lrvtc_connect_ex vts.connect.ex lrvtc.connect.ex lrvtc.connectEx Configures HTTPS and NTLM authentication.
lrvtc_create_column vts.create_column lrvtc.clear_column lrvtc.createColumn Creates a column.
lrvtc_disconnect vts.disconnect lrvtc.disconnect lrvtc.disconnect Disconnects from the server.
lrvtc_drop_index vts.drop_index lrvtc.drop_index lrvtc.dropIndex Deletes the index on a column.
lrvtc_ensure_index vts.ensure_index lrvtc.ensure_index lrvtc.ensureIndex Creates an index on a column.