Global Functions

Note: The functions for multiple connections have been deprecated, and support for multiple connections will be fully removed in a future version. It is therefore recommended to work with the single connection functions only.

Functions with a vts_multi.* format can be used in C# scripts. Functions with a Vtc.* format can be used in Java scripts. Click the C Language link to see the combined C, Java, and C# reference.

C Language C# Language Java Languate Description
vtc_column_size vts_multi.column_size Vtc.column_size Returns the number of fields that contain data in a column.
vtc_connect vts_multi.connect; Vtc.connect Creates a connection to the server.
vtc_create_column vts_multi.create_column Vtc.create_column Creates a column.
vtc_disconnect vts_multi.disconnect Vtc.disconnect Disconnects from the server.
vtc_drop_index vts_multi.drop_index Vtc.drop_index Deletes the index on a column.
vtc_ensure_index vts_multi.ensure_index Vtc.ensure_index Creates an index on a column.
vtc_free - - Releases a string buffer.
vtc_free_list - - Releases an array of strings buffer.
vtc_get_last_error vts_multi.get_last_error Vtc.get_last_error Returns the last error on the specified connection.