Virtual Table Server (VTS) Single Connection and Multiple Connection Functions

Note: The functions for multiple connections have been deprecated, and support for multiple connections will be fully removed in a future version. It is therefore recommended to work with the single connection functions only.

Use single connection functions if the script connects to only one Virtual Table Server. See Virtual Table Server (VTS) Functions for Single Connection (lrvtc and vts.).

Use multiple connection functions if the script connects to more than one server. See Virtual Table Server (VTS) Functions for Multiple Connections (vtc and vts_multi).

Do not mix single connection functions and multiple connection functions in a script.

Most functions can be used in C language, C#, Java, and JavaScript scripts. See the individual function references for details.

Equivalent single connection and multiple connection functions
Multiple connection function Single connection function
vtc_clear_column lrvtc_clear_column
vtc_clear_message lrvtc_clear_message
vtc_clear_row lrvtc_clear_row
vtc_column_size lrvtc_column_size
vtc_connect lrvtc_connect
Functionality not supported lrvtc_connect_ex
vtc_create_column lrvtc_create_column
vtc_disconnect lrvtc_disconnect
vtc_drop_index lrvtc_drop_index
vtc_ensure_index lrvtc_ensure_index
vtc_free With lrvtc* functions, memory is managed by the infrastructure.
vtc_free_list With lrvtc* functions, memory is managed by the infrastructure.
vtc_get_last_error Functionality not supported
vtc_increment lrvtc_increment
vtc_query_column lrvtc_query_column
vtc_query_row lrvtc_query_row
vtc_retrieve_message lrvtc_retrieve_message
vtc_retrieve_messages1 lrvtc_retrieve_messages1
vtc_retrieve_row lrvtc_retrieve_row
vtc_rotate_message lrvtc_rotate_message
vtc_rotate_messages1 lrvtc_rotate_messages1
vtc_rotate_row lrvtc_rotate_row
Functionality not supported lrvtc_search_row
vtc_send_if_unique lrvtc_send_if_unique
vtc_send_message lrvtc_send_message
vtc_send_row1 lrvtc_send_row1
vtc_update_message lrvtc_update_message
vtc_update_message_ifequals lrvtc_update_message_ifequals
vtc_update_row1 lrvtc_update_row1