AMF Arguments

The AMF protocol function arguments are the arguments of the invoked method. Each argument is defined as an XML string, with no preceding keyword. For example:

<strictArray length=\"8\"><boolean>true</boolean >....</strictArray>

It is recommended that you edit the arguments in the VuGen tree view, rather than in the script view.

Argument Attributes

These data types can appear as AMF arguments: Number, Boolean, String, Object, Null, Undefined, Reference, ECMAArray, StrictArray, Date, LongString, Unsupported, XML, Typed object.

Attribute name
All tags
All simple tags have a name attribute that specifies the name of the property.
The complex tags Object, TypedObject and ECMAArray have a list of child nodes, each expressing a property. The child tags of these complex tags are simple tags and have a name attribute.
ECMAArray and StrictArray
The length attribute specifies the number of elements in the array. The array may be sparse, with not all elements defined.
The ClassName attributes specifies the object's class name.
The format for the UTC date is dd-MMM-yyyy localOffset is the offset from UTC in minutes. For example, <date localOffset=\"-120\">09-Mar-1968 16:59:59.123</date>