Parameter Functions

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lr_advance_param Advances to the next available value in the parameter data file.
lr_checkpoint Validates the value of a parameter against an expected value (checkpoint).
lr_convert_double_to_double Formats the string representation of a double value using a printf-style format specifier.
lr_convert_double_to_integer Converts the string representation of a double value to the string representation of an integer.
lr_convert_string_encoding Converts a string to a different encoding.

Deprecated. Unmasks a masked string.

Use lr_unmask instead.

lr_eval_json Creates a JSON object from a string or a file.
lr_eval_string Returns the string argument after evaluating embedded parameters.
lr_eval_string_ext Creates a buffer and assigns it the input string after evaluating embedded parameters.
lr_eval_string_ext_free Frees the buffer allocated by lr_eval_string_ext.
lr_free_parameter Deletes a dynamic parameter at runtime and frees its buffer.
lr_json_delete Deletes the values in a JSON object that match the query.

Returns the number of matches to a query in a JSON object.

lr_json_get_values Gets values from a given path in a JSON object.
lr_json_insert Inserts a node in a JSON object.
lr_json_replace Replaces a node in a JSON object.
lr_json_set_values Changes values in a JSON object.
lr_json_stringify Converts a JSON object to a JSON string.
lr_next_row Advances to the next row in the parameter data file.
lr_param_increment Increments the value of a parameter.
lr_param_sprintf Writes formatted output to a parameter.
lr_param_unique Generates a unique string and assigns it to a parameter.
lr_paramarr_idx Returns the value of the parameter at a specified location in a parameter array.
lr_paramarr_len Returns the number of elements in a parameter array.
lr_paramarr_random Returns the value of the parameter at a random location in a parameter array
lr_read_file Reads a file into a parameter.
lr_save_datetime Saves the date and time into a parameter.
lr_save_param_regexp Finds a string in a buffer using a regular expression and saves capture group matches to a parameter.
lr_save_int Saves an integer to a parameter.
lr_save_searched_string Searches for an occurrence of a string in a buffer and saves a portion of the buffer after that string to a parameter.
lr_save_string Saves a null terminated string as a parameter.
lr_save_timestamp Saves the current time in a parameter.
lr_save_var Saves a variable length string as a parameter.
lr_unzip Uncompresses the information in a parameter and stores the uncompressed information in another parameter.
lr_zip Compresses the information in a parameter and stores the compressed information in another parameter.