Virtual Table Server (VTS) Single Connection and Multiple Connection Functions

Use single connection functions if the script connects to only one Virtual Table Server. See Virtual Table Server Functions for Single Connection (lrvtc)

Use multiple connection functions if the script connects to more than one server. See Virtual Table Server Functions for Multiple Connections (vtc)

Do not mix single connection functions and multiple connection functions in a script.

Most functions can be used in C language, C#, and Java scripts. See the individual function references for details.

Equivalent single connection and multiple connection functions
Multiple connection function Single connection function
vtc.clearColumn lrvtc.clearColumn
vtc.clearMessage lrvtc.clearMessage
vtc.clearRow lrvtc.clearRow
vtc.columnSize lrvtc.columnSize
vtc.connect lrvtc.connect
vtc.createColumn lrvtc.createColumn
vtc.disconnect lrvtc.disconnect
vtc.dropIndex lrvtc.dropIndex
vtc.ensureIndex lrvtc.ensureIndex
vtc.increment lrvtc.increment
vtc.queryColumn lrvtc.queryColumn
vtc.queryRow lrvtc.queryRow
vtc.retrieveMessage lrvtc.retrieveMessage
vtc.retrieveMessages1 lrvtc.retrieveMessages1
vtc.retrieveRow lrvtc.retrieveRow
vtc.sendIfUnique lrvtc.sendIfUnique
vtc.sendMessage lrvtc.sendMessage
vtc.sendRow1 lrvtc.sendRow1
vtc.updateMessage lrvtc.updateMessage
vtc.updateMessageIfequals lrvtc.updateMessageIfequals
vtc.updateRow1 lrvtc.updateRow1